Mr. Mohammad-Sahadet Hossain, Ph.D.

Mr.Mohammad-Sahadet Hossain, Ph.D. Position: Director Division: Board of Directors Dr. Mohammad Sahadet Hossain is a dedicated teacher and a visionary administrator who believes in the power of human capacity and integrity to change human life in a positive way. He knows how important a knowledge-based society is for any sustainable development.  Dr. Mohammad Sahadet Hossain […]

Mr. Ashaduzzaman

Mr. Ashaduzzaman Position: Director Division: Board of Directors

Mr.Md. Humayan Kabir Shimul

Mr.Md. Humayan Kabir Shimul Position: SVP & Head of IACD Department Division: Management Committee Mr. Md Humayan Kabir Shimul assumes the pivotal role of Senior Vice President and Head of the Internal Audit & Compliance Department (IACD) at Prime Insurance Company Limited (PICL). With a distinguished career spanning across the domains of Insurance, Finance, and […]

Mr. Prabir Kumar Chakraborty

Mr. Prabir Kumar Chakraborty Position: Assistant Managing Director & Head of Claims Department Division: Management Committee

Muhammad Noura Alam Al Kaiser

Muhammad Noura Alam Al Kaiser Position: SVP & Head of Establishment & Logistic Dept. Division: Management Committee

Abdul Hamid FCA

Abdul Hamid FCA Position: Chief Executive Officer Division: Management Committee Mr. Abdul Hamid FCA joined Prime Insurance Company Limited (PICL) on June 1, 2022, as Chief Executive Officer. Before joining Prime Insurance Company Limited, he served as the Additional Managing Director at Eastland Insurance Company Limited and Meghna Insurance Company Limited. He also served in […]

Md. Obaidul Akber

Md. Obaidul Akber Position: EVP & CFO Division: Management Committee

Ms. Farhana Yesmin

Ms. Farhana Yesmin Position: SVP & Head of HRD & Administration Division: Management Committee Ms. Farhana Yesmin is a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the Insurance Industry, specializing in Human Resource Management. With an impressive background and a proven track record, she has exemplified her expertise and leadership capabilities in various roles. She […]

Mr. Mahmud Hasan

Mr. Mahmud Hasan Position: EVP & Head of IT Division: Management Committee

Mahamudhul Hasan FCS

Mahamudhul Hasan FCS Position: SEVP and Company Secretary Division: Management Committee