Prime Insurance Company Ltd.

Ms. Farhana Yesmin

Position: SVP & Head of HRD & Administration
Division: Management Committee

Ms. Farhana Yesmin is a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the Insurance Industry, specializing in Human Resource Management. With an impressive background and a proven track record, she has exemplified her expertise and leadership capabilities in various roles.

She is currently holding the position of SVP & Head of HRD and Administration in Prime Insurance Company Limited. Prior to her tenure at Prime Insurance, Ms. Yesmin held a pivotal role in another distinguished Insurance Industry, where she served as an Assistant Vice President in the HR Department.

She holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from Primeasia University. Additionally, Ms. Yesmin is furthering her knowledge by pursuing a Professional Master’s program in HRM at the University of Dhaka, showcasing her dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

Recognized for her exceptional academic performance, Ms. Yesmin as an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Primeasia University. Her involvement in academia reflects her commitment to nurturing future HR professionals and imparting her practical insights from the Industry.

With a blend of academic excellence, professional experience, and a proactive approach towards learning and development, Ms. Farhana Yesmin stands as a prominent figure in the Insurance Industry. Her multifaceted roles as a leader, educator, and HR professional underscore her commitment to excellence and her invaluable contributions to the field of Human Resource Management.