Prime Insurance Company Ltd.

Our Core Values

We Trust & Care

Clients First

Our clients are always our first priority. They are our insureds and business partners. Without them, we could not achieve our present success. We take good care of them. We treat all our valued clients with warmth and respect. We strive to understand them and try our level best to meet their expectations.


We believe integrity is the key to success. We work to earn the trust and respect of our shareholders, employees, clients/business partners and stakeholders as a whole.


In order to deliver excellent operational and financial performance, we value both the external and internal training programs.


We ensure the quality of our products and services while we always welcome new ideas for future.


We strive to add more values to our services that we provide to our clients and other stakeholders. To ensure a better and secured service towards them, we are always ready with our online services.


We strongly promote and believe in teamwork both at in-house and external activities of the Company. Our people are well trained to maintain standard performance and professionalism.


We focus on the highest level of transparency in providing accurate and timely information about our performance and financial results to meet the desired trust of our added customers, business partners and valued shareholders.


We aspire to achieve excellence at all levels of our accomplishments. We pursue continued growth and strive to achieve the highest level of performance in all our endeavors.