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“After a fire broke out in our factory and causes damages, Prime Insurance Co. Ltd. was there to help and resolve my claim in a sensible manner.”

A fire broke out in our factory and causes damages to insured factory building, stock in process, and finished goods also. We immediately informed the incident to our insurer Prime Insurance Company Limited. Consequently, they have appointed a surveyor to investigate the cause of the incident and the extent of the loss. Later, the surveyors find that the fire broke out in the factory due to an electric short circuit.

After finishing all the procedures, Prime Insurance Company Limited settled our issue very professionally. The level of service, professionalism, and friendlies of the Prime Insurance Company Limited really put me at ease. I am very satisfied with the well-organized process— including payments. This was a stressful time for me and I was glad that I had Prime Insurance Company Limited as my insurance carrier.