Be the Non-life Insurance Market Leader of Bangladesh ensuring stakeholders’ interest by prudent insurance services and upholding governance excellence with unbending ethical standards.


  • Provide world class service with highest security by ensuring complete risk management solutions to the clients, maintaining stringently ethical standard in business operation.
  • Increase massive awareness about insurance among the mass people in the country introducing non-traditional social insurance products to bring them under the insurance umbrella and enhance social security.
  • Introduce contemporary insurance products with international standards.
  • Maintain highest level of ethical standard and transparency in all business transactions.
  • Enhance public confidence in the insurance industry by ensuring benefits to the policy holders, shareholders and the society at large.
  • Uphold governance excellence in the company and spreading it to the insurance industry.
  • Make effective contribution to the national economic development.
  • Provide a clear vision to the employees to maximize their potentials with a view to achieving high level of performance.



  • Maximize insurance coverage at a minimum cost but certainly within legal boundary.
  • Establish a long term relationship with our clients and business partners built on our prudent underwriting and personalized professional service with trust.
  • Respond quickly to new opportunities.
  • Maintain strong relationship with a wide variety of partners like re-insurers, insurance brokers, insurance agents, regulatory bodies, government agencies and so on.
  • Assess and managing our business risks carefully.
  • Strive for continuous improvement developing our performance excellence at all levels.