Prime Insurance Company Ltd.

Promotion of Mr. topu Ghosh

Education and educated person are always highly valued in Prime Insurance Company Limited. Prime Insurance Company always motivates its employees to bring out the best from them by providing friendly work environment, ample opportunity to continue the service as well as study simultaneously.

In continuation of this Mr. Topu Ghosh who joined the Company as an Office attendant now got promoted as an officer level. It has become possible by his dedication, completion of his study (Masters) and on account of the Support of the Management of the Company.

With the recommendations of the HR & Administration Department as well as the support of CEO Mr. Abdul Hamid, FCA of the Company, the proper justice of education served gracefully.

Chairman of the Company Mr. Nazrul Islam and Management do believe that a person should be valued & assessed through his/her continuous transformation of improving him/herself and the promotion of Mr. topu Ghosh is just the reflection of this process.