Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Ethos is that you cannot stay aside from your neighbors or the community. In turn personal benevolence tuned into corporate responsibilities. In insurance industry CSR takes a form of providing society with financial support in case of disasters as well as sharing the expertise of solving environmental problems, maintaining society’s safety and human rights promotion.

Corporate social responsibility is an extensive focus from community relation to sustainable development. However, there is one principle that lies at the core of CSR. It is the principle of conducting business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner, and weaving this principle into the inherent foundation of every company. If every company adopted environmentally, economically and socially responsible practices, our world could be transformed to be more balanced and sustainable. Undertaking socially responsible initiatives is truly a win-win situation. Not only for the company appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees, but also make a real difference in the world.

As an ISO certified company Prime Insurance Company Limited also thinks that this is the high time to do things differently and to explore new avenues. To ensure the prosperous and peaceful future of Bangladesh, it is most essential that all sections of society benefit as inequities and inequalities breed social tensions. This is not only a concern for Governments. Individuals, civil society organizations and businesses all have a role to play. Indeed, many businesses are partners in development with significant efforts to reduce poverty, ensure environmental sustainability and provide decent living and working conditions. There truly is much that a company can do within the area of its daily business to make this world a better place.

As recognizing how important social responsibility is to their Clients and Customers, Prime Insurance now focuses on and practices a few broad categories of CSR:

Knowledge to share: We are for knowledge sharing and to stand by the people in their distress. The Company also provides scholarship to three meritorious student of University of Dhaka. All are from Banking and Insurance Department. One student receives scholarship monthly and other two receives half yearly. We are also facilitating scholarships for student wards of our employees on merit basis. We also stand by the distressed people in time of calamities, accident and health hazards.

Planet to Care: In view of saving our planet planting trees is an obligation. Trees are a part and parcel of every community. Tree plantation on street-side, parks, playgrounds and backyards are creating a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings. But now-a-days, the condition is continuously getting worse for living as well as breathing for insufficient tree plantation. It’s time to do something to make the city a better living place and the planet as well. With an aim to make this city a livable place with healthy atmosphere Prime Insurance Company is giving different kinds of tree plants, both indoor and outdoor, to all its associates and well-wishers as a gesture of generosity to encourage them in creating sustainable environment and to beautify our surroundings through planting trees which are now afflicted with urban amenities. Besides, Prime Insurance is also giving various kinds of fruit plants and shade trees to their corporate clients for their factories so that the factory surroundings remain environment friendly; the workers can also be benefited by the fruits and pass sometime beneath the trees and inhale fresh air.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is facilitating rooftop gardening and horticulture. In line with that we are enthusing rooftop gardening to make environment green. In our corporate visit we usually present the indoor plant to our valued business partners. Last year we have distributed indoor trees to many corporate houses, civil society representatives and also the veteran citizens irrespective of doing business interest. We are also inspiring women by presenting indoor plant and plants for making environment green.

One Tree One Life: Usually tress are comparing with life. So we are attaching more importance with tree planting. Prime Insurance Company Limited arranges ‘One Tree One Life’ awareness program. As a part of it we are disturbing trees to the school going students to raise their interest in tree planting. This will rise their habit and in turn it will make the environment more green and secure.

Free Insurances Awareness Training: Our Managing Director & CEO is rendering training to the corporate houses and our business partners and clients for keeping them abreast of the need of insurances. It is free services rendered by her experiences. This awareness program initiated by Prime Insurance Company Limited has contributed in myriad of ways for making insurance consciousness.

Think Before You Eat: As adulteration is quite endemic in Bangladesh. Peoples are succumbed to different disease due to taking adulterer food or fruits.  So as a part of our CSR we are giving complementary gifts to the business partners and clients or prospective client Carbon Green products.  Carbon Green, a product of Thailand, is the safest way to remove formalin and pesticides from fruits & vegetables in 10 minutes. Excessive pesticide or formalin use in fruits vegetables may cause cancer, diabetes, heart diseases. Carbon Green is the safe way to get rid of such poisons.

Insurance Awareness: In Bangladesh’s perspective insurance awareness is very important. Our insurance penetration is very low as well as the density. As Prime Insurance Company Limited is one of the premier operators in the non-life sector and strives to maintain the ethical standard. We have many products and services that touch the human life. At Prime Insurance Company Limited our focus is to build insurance awareness. The awareness is offered through guidebooks. As part of this we have published guide books and soft copies are hosted in our web address as if people can get it through click or touch.

Health Guidebook: The purpose of the health guide book is living a stress free life with a healthy living and it has contributed to create health awareness. The health guide book that includes health tips for healthy living and steps towards healthy living. It includes Food Habits, Moderate and Regular Exercise, Stress Management, Ear Nose, Throat and Eye Care, Safety and Annual Medical checkup and also the health maintain recipe that helps people to live a healthy life.

Fire and Safety Guidebook: The fire safety guidebook is mainly for creating mass awareness on fire incident and prepares people to take necessary steps to avoid fire hazards. The guidebook describes the origination of fire, causes, classes, risk periods government policies, precautions and the emergency phone numbers. The people are benefited by this essential book. We also worked with the Directorate of Fire and Civil Defense to make people aware about the fire incident.

Traffic Guidebook: The traffic guide book describes for keeping people away from the accidental casualties. In Bangladesh everyday there are many casualties happened due to the lack of knowledge and from the drivers end also to the people who are using the roads.

The booklet contains all sorts of necessary precaution and road signals to avoid accidental causalities. We are working with Traffic Police to spread these messages among people and are distributing this guidebook to the people of all segments.

Hajj and Omrah Guidebook:The Hajj and Omrah guidebook is a detail information handbook for all interested people to perform Hajj and Omrah and their families. The guide book for Hajj and Omrah describes every steps starting from passport to coming back after performing Hajj and Omrah including every details of the preparation. It describes mental and physical preparation, selecting agency, health knowledge and necessary instructions for the Hajj camps. This initiative made us different from other operators in the fields of non-life insurance in Bangladesh.

Stand by the people: We are not always thinking business only. We always stand by the people around us and distributed winter clothes among the distressed people of the cold stricken districts of Bangladesh and also the poor segment of people. We usually distribute blankets to them.